About the 417Gamers

We’ve reached 800 plus members in our MeetUp group. That’s a number we’re very proud of. The 417Gamer group has been trying to cultivate the board, card, and tabletop gaming in the area. Largely centered in and around Springfield, most of the meetings and gaming events take place in the queen city. Gaming weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is almost always some type of gaming taking place during the week.

Thanks to the great gaming stores in Springfield, it is not hard to find a place to play. Finding people to play used to be the issue. The 417Gamer group grew from a small group of about a dozen or so gamers, to what it is now grown to around 30 regulars every Thursday night at Meta-Games one of our friendly local game stores.

The most important part is YOU. The 417Gamers group is made of people like you. Coming out to gaming events, sharing with friends and families, and evangelizing our group IS our biggest asset. We come from different walks of life and with different views, but when the box opens a bond is made over those cards, bits of wood, hunks of plastic, and folding pieces of cardboard.

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