Vendor Spotlight 2019

The Mixed Six is your soon-to-be favorite podcast about beer, board games, pop culture, and a little drunken philosophy. In each episode, the hosts drink six beers and cover six topics, ranging from the best 2-player board games to the three superheroes most likely to win a bake-off. Each beer is reviewed and rated based on a constantly changing rating system, and topics become more substantive as the hosts consume more beer.

The Mixed Six is hosted by game developers and long-time gamers, Caleb Stokes, Spencer Harris, and Ross Payton. Caleb is the owner of Hebanon Games and co-owner of Fowl Mouth Games, and has published a number of successful RPGs, including his most recent book which raised over $70,000 on Kickstarter, Red Markets. Spencer is a co-owner of Fowl Mouth Games and, along with Caleb, is in the final stages of development on Party Fowl: The Game, to be kickstarted in the summer of 2018. And Producer Ross is the founder of the wildly popular actual play podcast, RPPR (Roleplaying Public Radio) and author of several acclaimed RPGs.

For more, head on over to their website.

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