Vendor Spotlight 2019

Playco Games makes playable tabletop games for you, your kids, your friends, your granddad, your siblings, your pool boy, your gardener, your neighbor, your drunk aunt, your parents, your pets… nope, not so much your pets, but you get the idea. (Although, what an interesting thought… )

We are a small board game publishing company located in Springfield, MO, run by owner Mike Needham and his trusty sidekick Deanna. Playco Games has 3 successfully funded Kickstarter projects under our belt and all of those tabletop games are currently available at

  • Civicus Dice Game
  • Danger! Danger! Dinosaur
  • Epic Monster Tea Party

We’ll have all of those games with us at Moon City Con plus a couple of new things “in the works” to show off! We can’t wait to meet everyone at the con and play a few games with all of you!

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