Vendor Spotlight 2019

Meta-Games has been in the gaming business since 1997. We started off in a hole in the wall spot off Chestnut Expressway and through many moves and renovations ended up where we are today with thousands of square feet dedicated specifically to gaming. Meta-Games was built on Magic: the Gathering in the early days and while MTG is still a strong focus, we’re happy to provide our community with a large assortment of board games, tabletop miniature games, roleplaying games, and other collectible card games. We also have pinball! We stock a wide variety of games and gaming accessories and employ a staff that can tell you how most of our products are played (we miss out playing a few every now and then).

Our calendar is full of regularly scheduled events that happen weekly for a variety of our games but we also host larger specialty events on occasion. Stop by, follow us online at or Meta-Games Unlimited on Facebook or give us a call at 417-881-9390 and we are happy to help you with all your gaming needs.

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