Vendor Spotlight 2019

New Experience Workshop is an indie board and card game publisher focused on making new and interesting games that are both accessible fun for families and satisfyingly strategic for serious gamers. Their latest title, Showdown! The Samurai Card Game, pits 2-6 players against each other in a series of tense 1-on-1 duels in which only one warrior can come out on top. This fast paced game captures the feel of tense samurai stand-offs in just 5 minutes per player.

Their next title, currently on Kickstarter, is On Their Merry Way, a game featuring Robin Hood’s Merry Men and a uniquely innovative path-building mechanic. Players clear trails and set traps along the path through Sherwood Forest, tricking the evil merchants that come through and parting them with their profit. Players must place their traps effectively and undercut their opponents in order to become Robin Hood’s right-hand Man. New Experience Workshop will be running demos of On Their Merry Way all day at their exhibitor booth.

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