What’s In A Name?

“Why Moon City Con?” One might ask. Because it sounds cool? Well, yes but there’s a little more to it…

 Back in 1867 what is now Springfield, Missouri (which as legend has it got it’s name from a Springfield, Massachusetts natives offer to provide free whiskey to any who voted to name the city after his hometown) was divided in two by what is now Division St. I’ll try not to get all Dickensian on you but let’s say, it’s a story of a couple of towns. On the south side you had “Old Town” Springfield and to the north a smaller settlement that some called “New Town”. Around this same time the haggling began as to where the Atlantic/Pacific railroad’s new depot would be built in this area. The then Mayor of Springfield was said to have proclaimed that, “They will build a railroad to the Moon before they do through Springfield!” Soon after in 1870 the railroad secured a land deal in “New Town” and the new name, “Moon City” was born.

 The two cities maintained an economic rivalry for a time until uniting in 1887 ensuring Springfield would be a major railroad hub for coal and textiles, which is still is to this day.

The Moon City Con staff hope to embrace the go get em’ underdog nature of the scrappy little “Moon City” and buck the notion that a premiere board game focused convention has a better chance of being convened on The Moon than in Springfield. Get your tickets and help us lay the track to a great gaming experience for all!