Scythe Tournament

Do you love Scythe as much as we do? (Ok – as much as Katherine does?) Have you never played, but always wanted to? Do you have no idea what this game is?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a Scythe professional or even know how to play the game to join us. Scythe is a game that is intuitive and easy to pick up, but you benefit from playing various factions, multiple times to truly appreciate the intricacies and depths of the game. And we want to encourage that (mainly, so Katherine will always have people to play with). So don’t let “tournament” influence your choice. Yes – yes, there will be prizes. But – (ready for some corn?) playing is it’s own reward. (warned you).

The details:

At the con there will be a max of 4 rounds of games, depending on the number of participants, single elimination…with the final table hosting up to 4 factions w/ a random distribution of factions and action mats. Those who participate in the “qualifier rounds” leading up to the con may win a seat that will get them a bye for the first (possibly 2nd) rounds.

The “Qualifier Rounds” – I use this term lightly, because we’re going to be fairly relaxed about how you go about playing. We’ve got 12 Saturdays between now and the end of March that we will be visiting area games stores (you’ll know the schedule now, it’s posted at the end) and you’ll play at least one game (possibly two, if you’re quick – like a ninja). We’ll be there to join in the games, post some pictures, record results, etc… You can bring a game, if you own a copy – or just use one of ours. Points will be awarded as follows: You win the game. (yay!) – you get 10 points., you come in second (small yay?) – 7 points, you come in third (well –  you placed) – you get 5 points, you played (participation trophy anyone?) – 1 point. That’s it. At the end of all 12 sessions – the top three point holders will receive a FREE pass to MoonCity Con and at least the first round bye for the tournament itself. (Even CLOSER to the grand prize). Speaking of – what is this prize you refer to. Well. I can’t say. Not yet. But it’s going to be fantastic. Amazing. Something you will cherish! Or at the very least be proud to say you won.

So – come play Scythe. (there may also be cookies. That’s the rumor at least)

Schedule (unless otherwise noted hours will be noon-5p)

October 7th: – we’re at GAME, come play with us! – we’ll have Scythe there too

October 21st – Comic Force Branson, MO

October 28th – Nameless City Springfield, MO

November 11th – MetaGames Springfield, MO

December 2nd – Dirt Road Comics Willow Springs, MO

December 16th – MetaGames Springfield, MO