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Vendor Feature 12

Silver Twilight Games

We are a company of gamers for gamers. We have been playing both board games and RPG’s for over 20 years and decide to turn our passion into a business. Our goal is to offer fellow gamers products at the lowest cost possible. We are a young company headquartered in Springfield MO that started as an online only retailer. We carry all the hottest new titles along with the old favorites. If it is in print, we can get it for you and will match the price of a certain giant online seller. Come see our booth at MoonCityCon.

Vendor Feature 11

Crypt Monkey Studios publishes roleplaying, primer, and card games with themes of dark fantasy, Sci-Fi, and comedy. We craft intuitive and easy to play games that are dynamic enough to allow for your individual strategies and playstyle. We also provide much of the story for each of our game universes on for all to read. With Crypt Monkey Studios, you’ll find rich and immersive worlds with easy to play systems that don’t get in the way of gameplay.

Jack the Ripper is a game of deception, confusion, and chaos. A social deduction and bluffing slugfest crafted to start your game night off right. And it’s a primer game that takes fifteen minutes or less to play!

Swing by our booth to check our our game Jack the Ripper.

Vendor Feature 9

New Experience Workshop

New Experience Workshop is an indie board and card game publisher focused on making new and interesting games that are both accessible fun for families and satisfyingly strategic for serious gamers. Their latest title, Showdown! The Samurai Card Game, pits 2-6 players against each other in a series of tense 1-on-1 duels in which only one warrior can come out on top. This fast paced game captures the feel of tense samurai stand-offs in just 5 minutes per player.

Their next title, currently on Kickstarter, is On Their Merry Way, a game featuring Robin Hood’s Merry Men and a uniquely innovative path-building mechanic. Players clear trails and set traps along the path through Sherwood Forest, tricking the evil merchants that come through and parting them with their profit. Players must place their traps effectively and undercut their opponents in order to become Robin Hood’s right-hand Man. New Experience Workshop will be running demos of On Their Merry Way all day at their exhibitor booth.

Vendor Feature 8

Potbelly Mammoth and Mammoth Press are the artistic brainchildren of local artist Nate Howard. Potbelly Mammoth is the web-comic that features Nate and his friends in their trial and tribulations. The Vol. 1 Potbelly Mammoth book is up on kickstarter right now.

 Mammoth Press allows Nate to channel his artistic talents into new endeavors. Nate will be on hand with some of his Dice Tower designs. Come on out and take a look.


Tinker Gnome Workshop is a group of creators & crafters working together to create some great pieces for sale. Susan will be on hand with her combination of handmade jewelry and love of tabletop gaming goodness. Come by and check out the booth.

Vendor Booth Feature 7


We’re a group of aspiring board game developers located in the Springfield area. We have a few games currently in the works, and many more ideas in the air. We invite you to come by and “talk shop” with the developers. You can also try out some our games, including Tricksters, a trick taking game of Godly proportions. Check out our booth at Good Boy Games.

Vendor Booth Feature 6


HedgeCrafts was started officially in 2017 from a need to create affordable larp gear. It grew into making gaming gear for all gamers from larp to tabletop to airsoft. We specialize in leather cases that can function for both decks or dice. We also make dice bags from leather, cloth, and even chainmail, leather journals to keep track of your characters progress or those special spells, and newly created gamer scrolls to hold both your dice, pencils, and character sheets all in one place. Just to mention a few things, and we take commissions for custom and unique items.

for more from HedgeCrafts, visit their Etsy page at

Game Planning

Plan out a few games in advance and let others know what you’d like to get to the table now.

We’re using a geeklist on Board Game Geek to help organize the advanced game: BGG MoonCity Con Game Planning List

(and if you’re unfamiliar w/ boardgamegeek or geeklists – check out this post that will walk you through the basics)

Don’t forget to check out our Library to see what other games you’ll have at your disposal…