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Sponsor CloudBreakGames

We at MoonCityCon would like to thank sponsor, CloudBreakGames for their game GoatFish

We launched Goatfish on Kickstarter and recently completed our second printing of the game, you can learn more here: and see our Kickstarter page here:

Come on out to MoonCityCon2019 and try the GoatFish game. We’ll see you there

Vendor Spotlight 2019

New Experience Workshop is an indie board and card game publisher focused on making new and interesting games that are both accessible fun for families and satisfyingly strategic for serious gamers. Their latest title, Showdown! The Samurai Card Game, pits 2-6 players against each other in a series of tense 1-on-1 duels in which only one warrior can come out on top. This fast paced game captures the feel of tense samurai stand-offs in just 5 minutes per player.

Their next title, currently on Kickstarter, is On Their Merry Way, a game featuring Robin Hood’s Merry Men and a uniquely innovative path-building mechanic. Players clear trails and set traps along the path through Sherwood Forest, tricking the evil merchants that come through and parting them with their profit. Players must place their traps effectively and undercut their opponents in order to become Robin Hood’s right-hand Man. New Experience Workshop will be running demos of On Their Merry Way all day at their exhibitor booth.

Vendor Spotlight 2019

Join us friends in the Adventurers Vault as 4 heroes of questionable quality and one incredibly mean and angry GM explore a strange and dangerous continent.  A hundred and twenty years ago the nation of Pharidon was destroyed by the defeat of an evil litch.  Time has passed and our heroes are part of an expedition to explore and reconquer it.  A live play podcast using Pathfinder 2nd edition with music, excitement, and fake advertising for all the things you would need in a fantasy world!  Local Springfield players invite you to check us out…in the Adventurers Vault!

Sponsor Kayenta Publishing

We would like to express our thanks to Kayenta Publishing for sending a copy of Obsession for our Play-and-Win section. Such a great game.

Welcome to Kayenta Publishing! Here you will find books andboard games, relics of a non-technological age. These things are best in life; books to restore the soul of the individual, board games to restore the soul of the family (with a few friends thrown in!).

Vendor Spotlight 2019

Branson Con is a convention run by fans, for fans like you! And is the area’s home to all things pop culture, Sci-Fi, and comic related by hosting 3 full days of celebrities, authors, artists, cosplayers, costume contests, panels, workshops, gaming, collectibles and special events. Additionally, Branson Con hosts one of the areas largest cosplay contests featuring over $5,000.00 in cash prizes!

For more information visit:

Sponsor: Nameless City Board Games & Comics

We want to thank Nameless City Boar Games & Comics for providing this years Lanyards. The blue lanyards were so sweet last year, and we think this year’s purple is even better.

We are a throwback to the old “comic shops” of the 70’s and 80’s that we remember fondly from our youth! We are a locally owned store that stocks board games, comic books and trade paperbacks, role playing games and Magic: the Gathering and their accessories. We stock many PVC and resin statues of your favorite comic book characters. 

We specialize in the Pathfinder Role Playing Game; largest selection in the Ozarks!

We have a comfortable and clean game room that offers tables for gaming at any time! We also host many organized playing opportunities such as: two different nights of open board gaming, several nights for role playing games, Magic: the Gathering tournaments 3 days a week and open gaming at all times during open hours! 

We have full service vending so your experience will be comfortable and above all…FUN!

Sponsor: Kolossal Games

Games Donation

We at Moon City Con want to express our deep thanks to Kolossal games for their generous donation of games.


to be a large publisher with a passionate team of people who love their jobs making amazing, diverse, accessible, inclusive games and to have a direct relationship with our customers.

Our Mission:

to create memorable experiences for families and friends to connect and to give designers and artists the means for their creations to shine in a welcoming and collaborative environment.

Our Principles:

We push game mechanics, art, and presentation above industry standards.
We make our games easy to learn and inclusive.
We strive to create a direct relationship with our community.
We provide a white glove level of service to our community of gamers, artists, designers, and reviewers.
We challenge each other to always improve.

Kami Sama was published by Kolassal Games and designed by Springfieldian(MoonCity resident even) AJ Lambeth. Come play Kami-Sama, Western Legends, and many more games at MoonCityCon thanks to Kolassal Games