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Vendor Spotlight 2019

Meta-Games has been in the gaming business since 1997. We started off in a hole in the wall spot off Chestnut Expressway and through many moves and renovations ended up where we are today with thousands of square feet dedicated specifically to gaming. Meta-Games was built on Magic: the Gathering in the early days and while MTG is still a strong focus, we’re happy to provide our community with a large assortment of board games, tabletop miniature games, roleplaying games, and other collectible card games. We also have pinball! We stock a wide variety of games and gaming accessories and employ a staff that can tell you how most of our products are played (we miss out playing a few every now and then).

Our calendar is full of regularly scheduled events that happen weekly for a variety of our games but we also host larger specialty events on occasion. Stop by, follow us online at or Meta-Games Unlimited on Facebook or give us a call at 417-881-9390 and we are happy to help you with all your gaming needs.

Vendor Spotlight 2019

Playco Games makes playable tabletop games for you, your kids, your friends, your granddad, your siblings, your pool boy, your gardener, your neighbor, your drunk aunt, your parents, your pets… nope, not so much your pets, but you get the idea. (Although, what an interesting thought… )

We are a small board game publishing company located in Springfield, MO, run by owner Mike Needham and his trusty sidekick Deanna. Playco Games has 3 successfully funded Kickstarter projects under our belt and all of those tabletop games are currently available at

  • Civicus Dice Game
  • Danger! Danger! Dinosaur
  • Epic Monster Tea Party

We’ll have all of those games with us at Moon City Con plus a couple of new things “in the works” to show off! We can’t wait to meet everyone at the con and play a few games with all of you!

Vendor Spotlight 2019

We are a company of gamers for gamers. We have been playing both board games and RPG’s for over 20 years and decide to turn our passion into a business. Our goal is to offer fellow gamers products at the lowest cost possible. We are a young company headquartered in Springfield MO that started as an online only retailer. We carry all the hottest new titles along with the old favorites. If it is in print, we can get it for you and will match the price of a certain giant online seller. Come see our store at  1740 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO. And come see our booth at MoonCityCon 2019.

Vendor Spotlight 2019

For more than 25 years, Visioncon has been Missouri’s premier comic con, science fiction, fantasy, live action, role playing, and gaming convention. As a nonprofit organization, Visioncon is pleased to continue its longstanding tradition of giving back each year, and our 2019 charity we supported the Kitchen of Springfield, Missouri. Join us at the Springfield Expo Center May 1st-3rd and get your geek on! For tickets, to see more information, and schedule visit our website at

Vendor Spotlight 2019

The Mixed Six is your soon-to-be favorite podcast about beer, board games, pop culture, and a little drunken philosophy. In each episode, the hosts drink six beers and cover six topics, ranging from the best 2-player board games to the three superheroes most likely to win a bake-off. Each beer is reviewed and rated based on a constantly changing rating system, and topics become more substantive as the hosts consume more beer.

The Mixed Six is hosted by game developers and long-time gamers, Caleb Stokes, Spencer Harris, and Ross Payton. Caleb is the owner of Hebanon Games and co-owner of Fowl Mouth Games, and has published a number of successful RPGs, including his most recent book which raised over $70,000 on Kickstarter, Red Markets. Spencer is a co-owner of Fowl Mouth Games and, along with Caleb, is in the final stages of development on Party Fowl: The Game, to be kickstarted in the summer of 2018. And Producer Ross is the founder of the wildly popular actual play podcast, RPPR (Roleplaying Public Radio) and author of several acclaimed RPGs.

For more, head on over to their website.


We are now on for our event tickets. You must have a badge to sign up for events. If you already have a badge you will or have already received an email with a link to confirm your badge with Tabletop. From there you can sign up for any of our official events, and yes, all our official events are free to all badge holders. If you want to submit/run your own events – you can do that as well. All event tickets will be available as of Saturday July 27th – so sign up for what you want before they are gone! Here is the link for our official events that you can sign up for. If you don’t have a badge yet, get it now! You will get an email with the link to when you purchase through our official site, or at any of our weekly game nights directly from Rick, Katherine, Ben, Vaughn and even Kyle. Or you can head to and get them all in one place. If you have any questions – please direct them to Katherine at [email protected] (or come play games on Tuesday nights). Happy Gaming!

Vendor Spotlight 2019

HedgeCrafts was started officially in 2017 from a need to create affordable larp gear. It grew into making gaming gear for all gamers from larp to tabletop to airsoft. We specialize in leather cases that can function for both decks or dice. We also make dice bags from leather, cloth, and even chainmail, leather journals to keep track of your characters progress or those special spells, and newly created gamer scrolls to hold both your dice, pencils, and character sheets all in one place. Just to mention a few things, and we take commissions for custom and unique items.

for more from HedgeCrafts, visit their Etsy page at

MoonCityCon 2019 Schedule

Below is our official MoonCityCon 2019 Schedule

Friday Sept 6th (Day 1)

9:00am – 12:00am: Open gaming 
11:00am – 6:00pm: Vendors
6:00pm: Door Prize
6:15pm: Registration for Poker 
7:00pm: Poker Tournament
11:00pm: Monikers
12:00am: Open gaming closes

Day 2
Saturday, Sept 7th

9:00am – 12:00am: Open gaming 
10:00am – 5:00pm: Vendors open
10:00am – 1:00pm: Pitchcar tournament 
2:00pm – 7:00pm: Concordia event
5:00pm: Door Prize
8:00pm – 9:00pm: Battling Tops
12:00am: Open gaming closes

Day 3
Sunday, Sept 8th

7:00am: Flea market set-up
7:30am – 8:30am: Flea Market
9:00am – 5:00pm: Open gaming
10:00am – 4:00pm: Vendors open
11:00am: Splendor event
12:00pm: ALL Play-and-wins due back!!!
2:00pm: Door prize & Play-and-Wins
5:00pm: Convention closes

Can’t wait to see everyone at MOONCITYCON 2019.